Skinimalism: What You Need To Know About This Beauty Trend

There’s a new beauty trend that is growing in popularity and that is expected to be huge in 2021, according to Pinterest, and that’s skin minimalism, often shortened to skinimalism.

So, what is skinimalism and is it a trend you might want to embrace? As the website explained, it’s a chance to “say goodbye to the 12-step beauty routine” and instead opt for a much simpler and more sustainable way of looking after your skin.

That all sounds good so far. What else does Pinterest have to say about skinimalism? “It’s the end of the caked-on makeup look. Pinners will embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through,” its predictions report stated.

Pinterest is basing this prediction on a range of trending search terms, which include “Glowing skin how to get naturally”, “Natural everyday makeup” and “Face yoga exercises”.

Products that use natural ingredients are expected to grow in popularity, as are any that can help people achieve that “dewy, natural beauty look that will look great on camera and video calls”.

Stylist magazine recently explored some of the key elements to a skinimalist routine and looked at how you can achieve this in your own life. One of the first aspects to introduce is facial massage, which has a range of benefits.

A top tip is to use facial oil to provide slip and prevent your fingers from creating friction with your skin as you’re giving it a massage. Facial yoga might sound like a fad, but it has very real benefits for your overall appearance, according to the founder of Dr Rita Rakus Clinic.

Dr Rakus commented: “Facial yoga releases tension in your face, improves the overall tone and increases circulation to promote the production of collagen.”

When it comes to the products you can use as part of a skinimalism routine, the key is to use fewer, but more effective, skincare products, according to the publication. One that is an absolute must, however, is cleanser.

“Without a clean, fresh starting point, the following steps in your skincare routine won’t be able to penetrate skin as effectively as possible,” the website noted.

It is therefore well worth investing in a good quality cleanser that can help remove all the dirt, grime and dust from your face each day and give the rest of your products the best chance of being absorbed by your skin.

The Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Cleanser is the brand’s new formulation of its Essential Cleansing Solution, that is enriched with lipids. This means it will thoroughly clean your skin, without drying it out by stripping away any of its lipids or proteins.

In terms of the rest of your skincare routine after you’ve used your cleanser, Stylist noted that it’s possible to narrow down the products you use based on just three ingredients that have been scientifically proven to make a difference to your skin: vitamin C, retinol and SPF.

Depending on your skin type, there may also be some other ingredients that can be helpful, such as azelaic acid if you suffer from acne. However, if you want to embrace skinimalism and go back to basics, look for a couple of good quality products that tick those boxes and enjoy your new minimalist, natural look.