How To Look After Skin In winter

After a couple of months of winter weather, your skin will have taken quite a battering from the elements, especially if you have spent any significant amounts of time outdoors.

The cold temperatures, strong wind and cold rain (or snow) can all take their toll on our complexions. Matters are made worse still by the lack of sun we get. 

With cool temperatures and a lack of humidity, a key problem is that your skin and pores can get very dry. Central heating and winter clothes can add to the issue.

Of course, using Dermalogica skin care can help you keep your complexion looking great. But you can also help yourself at other times by taking a series of everyday steps to help your skin get through the winter.

You may be surprised to learn that keeping the temperature down on your shower or bath can help prevent your skin getting drier. While it may feel nice to be immersed in warm water, the heat can damage your skin to the extent that it ends up getting drier still afterwards.

Using lots of moisturiser is definitely a good idea, as this reverses the effects of dryness. But don’t forget your hands as well, which could do with a good balm, plus your lips. The last of these are particularly vulnerable to splitting when very cold.

At the same time, exfoliation needs to be done with care. This does not mean you should give it a rest entirely; after all, you want to get those dead skin cells out of the way. But you certainly need to do it gently, so avoid harsher products. 

With February fast approaching, there is but one month of winter left. However, the second month of the year is often the coldest and snowiest, giving us one last blast of icy weather before it starts to warm up.

For that reasons, now is still a good time to take steps to keep your skin in great shape, so that you can enjoy the benefits when you can start feeling the warm sun on it again.