How To Boost Your Skincare With Sunscreen

Summer is here, and with that comes time to add a skincare product to your routine that probably should have been there already.

Whilst many people believe that sunscreen should only be worn on hot, sunny days, in fact it is possible to get sunburnt even on cloudy days so it is worth putting on SPF throughout the year to ensure that your skin therapy clinic visits and skincare routines do not go to waste.

However, with this comes some advantages, because many products that we use for skincare, such as hyaluronic acid as well as vitamins A, C and E help to boost our sun care, and because sunscreen is often very thick, it helps to retain moisture and thinner serums.

Vitamin A, in particular, can be as powerful as SPF20 sunscreen in protecting the skin from skincare. However, it is important to stick to weaker retinoids such as retinyl palmitate rather than retinol, as the latter can be broken down by the sun and acts as an exfoliant.

Choosing the right sunscreen depends on your skin and how much you feel you can burn. Generally, you want to have a minimum of SPF30 on throughout the year, worn under makeup.

If you have fair or generally more sensitive skin, an SPF50 is essential, and in some cases, it may be worth picking up an SPF50+. The latter has been tested to have SPF60 protection, helping to protect from UVB rays.

However, UVA rays are not protected by SPF products, so look for ones with a UVA filter of 90 per cent or higher, and be sure to wait inside for 15 minutes after you apply it before going outside to ensure that it bonds with your skin.