TikTok Eschews The 8-Step Skincare Routine

Skincare can be a fun and creative form of self-nourishment and self-care that can provide a sense of confidence and security, as when your skin is taken care of, you feel ready to take on anything!

However, despite the slew of unadvisable and sometimes dangerous TikTok skincare trends, one of the biggest trends to appear on the video-sharing social media app is skinamilism, which is calling on people to cut back their beauty routines, stating that an eight-step skincare regimen isn’t always the best thing for your skin, and definitely isn’t good for the environment.

It does make sense, as simplifying your wardrobe, beauty routines and products can be a fantastic way to reduce waste.

It is a good idea to develop a basic routine if only because not all skin types can handle a multitude of products, and overdoing your skincare can potentially irritate your skin.

Skincare products are often marketed with a barrage of information about ingredients and formulas, which can leave consumers confused and as a result, overdoing their skincare routines. This can lead to irritation, in the form of rashes, inflamed breakouts, redness, and flareups of conditions such as peri-oral dermatitis.

Using too many products and trying different formulas every day, or layering incorrectly can overwhelm, overstimulate, and confuse the skin, and you will never see the benefits of the actives you are wanting to use.

The old trends of having a cabinet packed with different products to go on your face can be a waste of money and time, and it is important to understand what your skin requirements are because not everybody’s skin is the same.

The most important aspect of your skincare routine must begin with ensuring you’re protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun with an SPF 50 barrier.

It is always important to read information about products to see how many ingredients are in them and as a rule of thumb the fewer ingredients the better. By choosing more minimalist products, not only are you choosing something for yourself, but you are choosing something that will help the environment as well.

However, sustainability is not the only good thing about skinimalism. For as long as there has been skincare, marketing has told us we need lots of it. Skinimalism says that’s untrue, and we can achieve a glow-up with fewer products, and save money too.

Many people are trying skinimalism for the glow-up, but the trend is also unintentionally addressing many of the environmental and consumerism issues with the beauty industry. It is also helping people take a step back from overwhelming beauty pressures and unrealistic standards.

Earlier this year, Pinterest even predicted in its 2021 Trend Predictions Report that low-maintenance beauty routines would dominate the year.

The report stated, “It’s the end of the caked-on makeup look. Pinners will embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through. This new “effortlessly chic” routine is simple and sustainable.”

It’s always up to the individual to do what’s suitable for their skin, but luckily trialling this trend is super affordable.

All you need to do is cut out your superfluous products and simply use a cleanser, serum, moisturiser, and sunscreen – and if you like the results, stick with it.

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