Have You Tried Oat Milk For Skin Care?

The most hipster of coffee shops now seem to have a wide array of milk alternatives, from coconut, almond, hemp, soy, and rice among others. But if you’re simply making a change to a plant-based diet and needing a milk substitute for your coffee, you can now use it for your skincare too!

Oat milk is gaining popularity fast, and Waitrose reported a 113 per cent increase in sales of oat milk from July 2019 to July 2020, according to Stylist Magazine. But oat milk is still a relative newcomer to the skincare scene, so there are no studies directly linking oat milk to glowing skin, yet!

However, topical oats are famously soothing, and there’s reason to believe they work from the inside out too. Oats are packed with fibre, plant-based protein, B vitamins, and minerals, and oat milk is great for gut health and can aid digestion, which are two things that can be reflected in how you feel and look.

Dermatologists have been praising fibre and vitamin B for skin health in the past, although not yet in the context of drinking oat milk. The same can be said for the plant-based protein which can help maintain the skin’s natural barrier and make it feel soft and smooth. Collagen and elastin, the two substances responsible for keeping your face plump and youthful, are proteins.

Oat milk may also have a beneficial impact on blood glucose levels, which will aid in clearing up troublesome acne, as high blood sugar levels and acne are deeply linked. 

It is also lactose-, nut-, soy-, and (mostly) gluten-free too, so unlike many plant-based milks, oat milk is a great option for people with allergies, which can often manifest as skin issues.

One of the biggest advantages of oat milk is how it can impact your complexion if you swap it out for your usual dairy-based coffee milks. Dairy can increase inflammation in the skin and body, which can lead to breakouts in some people.

By avoiding dairy and replacing it with oat milk, you could see an improvement in your skin issues. There is research to support this, as studies have been done on the dairy-acne connection, which showed that removing milk may have a positive impact on acne sufferers. It is suggested that the added hormones in dairy may have something to do with that.

There is also the benefit that unlike some food and drink substitutes, foamy, slightly-sweet oat milk is delicious and worth more than just adding to your coffee. It’s now available in a range of flavours. However, if you have a serious case of celiac disease, it would be advisable to check with your GP before filling up on oat milk. 

Otherwise, why not give it a try, and see if it makes a difference to your skin!

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