Skincare Is Self-Care Too!

Beauty salon in Maidenhead - Skincare Woman Washing Face Foaming Facewash Soap Scrub On Skin

With everything that is going on in 2020, you might have decided that skincare is the least of your concerns when there are a million and one other more pressing things to worry about. We want to tell you that you’re wrong!

Even your grandmother will tell you that skincare is self-care, and taking care of your skin will also help your physical and mental health. When so much is out of your control, why not dedicate some time to something you can control?

We have a few tips that lie beyond the skincare regime to help you feel better overall.


Obviously, you need to moisturise. However, it should not only be your face but your hands too. Your hands will show age before any other part of your body, so maintain your self-esteem by caring for the parts of your body you see every day.

No more caffeine 

For many, the morning coffee is a ritual of almost religious significance, and asking you to cut out the caffeine might be akin to asking you to sacrifice your firstborn. 

However, too much coffee can lead to dry skin, so try replacing your brew with water, as the more hydrated you are, the better your skin is.

Reduce salt

Salt has a dehydrating effect on the skin and the rest of your body, and it is not the best for your heart either. Therefore, while you maintain beautiful skin, you are also protecting your wider health.


Exercise is essential to maintain good health, and it helps you sweat out the toxins and removes the dead skin cells. But beware of sweating out all kinds of hair products onto your skin. Wear a headband, always take a clean towel with you, and remember to wash your gym kit to make sure you stay fresh and clean!

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