Essential Products When Travelling On Holiday

Summer is here, and whilst there has been plenty of sunshine in the UK, some people are looking to head somewhere exotic for a long-awaited getaway.

However, travelling can be rough on your skin, and without your local skin therapy clinic nearby, you need to ensure you have essential products to hand to keep your skin refreshed after a long rail journey, coach trip or flight.

Here are some must-haves for your journey.



It almost goes without saying that you should have a bottle of SPF30 or higher with you to protect your skin when you reach your holiday destination, but it is arguably even more important when you are on your way to paradise.

When you are flying at a cruising altitude of 30,000ft, you are so much closer to the sun, and so if you are in a window seat you do have a risk of skin damage and UV exposure that is magnified by a lack of cloud cover at that height.

For long haul flights, make sure to apply sunscreen every two hours.


Moisturisers (Of All Kinds)

Hydration is a key problem when flying or on a long-distance journey, as the air conditioning on flights is particularly harsh on people’s skin.

As a result, a thick multi-purpose moisturiser is ideal for applying to your face, lips, hands and any exposed parts of your body and can keep your skin hydrated and reduce the puffiness that can come from the altitude.

If you have room for some more specific products, try to include a lip balm, hand cream and eye-gel mask to help protect the more sensitive parts of your skin.


Face Mist

A quick-fix solution to keep your skin refreshed before you land, face mists are cooling, hydrating and often filled with vitamin-rich ingredients to help protect your skin.