Telltale Signs You Need To Switch Up Your Skincare Routine

Everybody’s skin is unique and has particular needs, likes and dislikes that you need to be aware of to keep your skin looking radiant and feeling great.

However, given how much advice is out there and the sheer range of products, it can be difficult sometimes to tell whether to stick with a new product or whether it is either not effective or having a bad effect on your skin.

Here are some telltale signs that some part of your skincare routine isn’t working, and if you are concerned, visit your local skin therapy clinic for more expert advice.

  1. Stinging And Burning

One of the great lies told in the world of skincare is “no pain, no gain”. Whilst this can be true for some acids and retinoids that sting very briefly and intermittently, your skincare products should not generally burn you or make you look flushed.

It is a sign that your skin is particularly sensitive to a certain ingredient and you really should not be slathering it all over your skin. If you keep using a product that stings or burns on a daily basis, it can cause some major skin damage.

  1. Spots

This is somewhat ironic, as we often rely on cleansers and other skincare products to eradicate spots, but if you break out in acne, especially in a place you do not usually get spots, it can be a sign that your skin does not like a particular active ingredient in a product.

What makes this confusing is that skin purging, a positive if rather disgusting process where the body sheds dead skin faster than usual.

The difference is speed; pimples caused by skin purging take far less time to disappear compared to regular spots.

  1. Redness

Our skin can get irritated for many reasons, but your skin having red blotches can be a sign of a bad reaction to a particular product, and it is the biggest sign that you need to stop using it.