Top Tips For Protecting Your Skin This Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching, and with the potential to enjoy beach parties and summer holidays this year, it is always important to have a reminder of the best ways to take care of your skin to avoid damage and signs of ageing.

Summer provides with it some incredible weather and beautiful sights, but it can also lead to harmful exposure to UV rays, even when it is cloudy.

Everyone has different skin, and your local skin therapy clinic is always there to provide helpful advice on any facet of skincare.

With that in mind, here are some top tips for the best summer for your skin.

Match Your Skin Type

Much like there are different skincare products for different skin types, there are also different ways to protect your skin from the sun depending on your skincare needs.

For example, there are sun protection powders that are ideal for people with oily skin to avoid acne, as well as thicker creams for those with dry skin to help keep them moisturised in the hot sun.

Make Sure It Makes The Grade

Try and get a medical-grade SPF product if you can, as it will give your skin vital nutrients, and can even double up as makeup if you find a cream with a skin-matching tint.

As well as this, do not forget to take advantage of vitamin C and other antioxidant products, as well as regularly exfoliating to remove any suncream build-up.

Stick With Sunblock

Sunblock and suncream are often used to mean the same thing. However they both work in completely different ways, and to keep your skin glowing it is actually better to stick with a sunblock.

Suncream absorbs UV rays and then convert them into heat on top of the skin, which whilst it can help you tan can also cause skin irritation. Physical sunblocks, on the other hand, reflect UV rays completely and tend to be better for sensitive skin.