Skin Products To Avoid This Summer

Summer brings with it glorious weather and the promise of bright and wonderful holidays, but this sun also can cause problems for your skin that you need to manage.

Whilst SPF arguably should be worn throughout the year, having adequate protection from the sun’s rays to avoid damage to your skin is incredibly important, and an effective sunscreen is a vital part of any skincare routine.

However, some products that people often use throughout the year have unintentional side effects during the summer and may necessitate a visit to a skin therapy clinic to fix.

Here are some popular skin products to avoid this summer.



A common part of most anti-ageing creams, retinol contains vitamin A which smooths fine lines and wrinkles, helps with skin blotches and targets other signs of ageing.

However, it can also cause sun sensitivity, which creates new, delicate skin that can be more easily damaged by sunlight.

If you must use them, try to only use them at night.


Glycolic Acid

A natural exfoliant also found in many toners, chemical peels and even some masks, glycolic acid, as well as other exfoliating ingredients remove layers of dead skin, which makes the top layer more vulnerable to damage from the sun.


Benzoyl Peroxide Cleansers

The main antiseptic ingredient in acne treatments and antibacterial cleansers, benzoyl peroxide is effective but this comes at the cost of skin irritation and dry skin, which is more of an issue in warmer weather than cooler climates.

As well as this, sun exposure can make acne scarring worse, so make sure that you protect the fresh layer of skin if you need to use an acne scaring treatment.