Dermalogica Aims To Tackle ‘Tech Neck’

Salon brand Dermalogica has taken a unique approach to tackle ‘tech neck’ with a mobile app dedicated to being your necks’ personal trainer.

While the usual focus on neck skin is aimed towards older women and ‘turkey neck’, Dermalogica has noted that from first thing in the morning until late at night we are all spending more time head down looking at our digital devices, which has brought on a condition that has been dubbed ‘tech neck’.

This is a condition that is caused by the increased time spent with our heads craned forward and down, which not only is putting a strain on our eyes, but is causing repetitive strains in the shoulders, tension and stiffness, and the formulation of lines on the neck area.

With the average human head weighing 5kg, which is the equivalent of the wight of a large bowling bowl, the seven vertebrae in the neck and the 20 muscles that support this weight and hold it in position for hours on end will lead to serious strain, unless we take steps to do something about it.

Now, Dermalogica has taken a holistic approach to tackling tech neck with a mobile app dedicated to being your necks’ personal trainer! The exercises on the app are designed to complement their new Neck Fit Contour serum but you can access the app and practice the moves without having to purchase any product. 

All you need to do is to log onto on your smartphone, and the app will give you a series of neck-orientated work-outs that will help sculpt the neck and support the muscles around this delicate area.

There are also movements to help release tension like acupressure points and fascia-release movements, which you can do as a break from using your device or while you’re watching TV. 

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