Why Skin Gets Dry In Autumn

Every season of the year can bring its own challenges to your skin. The summer will always do this because of the risk of sunburn for those with paler complexions, as well as the potential for all the grime and bacteria that sweating takes away from your skin to be absorbed back into it and cause irritation.

If summer has meant adding sun cream and lots of regular cooling showers to shift the sweat and freshen up, the arrival of September heralds a very different set of skin issues.

You will seldom face the dangers of sweating or burning under the weaker September sun, while the changing weather means you are probably more likely to face wind and rain. This will be even more so in October and November.

At the same time, retreating indoors all day is not the default for everyone. After all, there are the wonderful golden colours of autumn to enjoy, as well as dogs to be walked, sport to be played and bonfires to be lit. It may not bring the heat and sunshine of summer, but it’ll certainly be brighter and warmer than winter.

However, you will need a moisturising product like Dermalogica intensive moisture cleanser this season. This is because the weather you will tend to encounter in autumn will be most likely to affect your skin by drying it out.

This is not just because it won’t be hot enough to make you sweat; the weather can have the effect of specifically taking moisture away from your skin, unless you are outdoors in the pouring rain, of course.

When it isn’t raining, autumnal weather is dry, with low humidity and cold, dry air removing all the moisture from your skin. To make matters worse, you will find yourself alternating between exposure to the cold, dry air of outside and warm, dry air indoors.

This effect will be exacerbated by the harsh winds that will often blow through the seasons. Sometimes these are relatively warm, a legacy of these gusts starting life as tropical storms before losing power as they drift across the Atlantic.

Other aggravating effects can come from the harsh and occasionally itchy fabrics you will don to stay warmer in colder weather, while hot showers that give you a lovely warm feeling on a chilly day come at a price as these can also dry your skin out.

With all these factors at play, it is a small wonder your skin can get so dry. But there is plenty you can do to combat this. A great moisturising product is one of the most obvious and effective steps you can take, providing direct relief for your skin dryness.

In addition, there are some other things you can do. For instance, by drinking more water to stay hydrated you can encourage your body to get more water to your skin, while eating more fruit and vegetables, especially those with high water content, while consuming fewer spices, is another effective way to stay hydrated.

By doing all this, you can maintain a great complexion through the autumn and into winter.

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