Why Exfoliating Needs To Be Part Of Your Winter Skincare Regime

We all know that with the changing seasons we need to change the way we take care of our skin. In the UK, winter brings not only cold weather, but often damp weather too. Moving between the warmth of our homes and the chill outside air doesn’t do our skin any favours either.

So, with winter well and truly here, what should you be doing to make sure your skin stays looking glowing and radiant?

As Insider recently pointed out, exfoliating is an important part of any skincare routine, but especially so in the winter months. This is because the process of exfoliating prepares your skin to absorb whatever moisturiser you’re putting on it.

Dermatologist Marisa Garschick told the publication that we should all be exfoliating all year, but it is especially important in the winter when our skin needs a bit of extra hydration. 

However, the key in these colder months is to be gentle with your skin, because you don’t want to remove the natural moisture that’s present in your skin.

Choosing exfoliating products that contain ingredients such as rice bran or bamboo is also recommended, because these ingredients are “less likely to disrupt the skin barrier,”Joshua Zeichner, MD, told the publication.

Dermalogica’s microfoliant product is a great exfoliator all year round, but the fact that it’s so gentle on skin makes it a real winner in the winter.

It’s also incredibly popular with beauty editors, as The Zoe Report noted last month, which is a big endorsement.