Skin Treatment Trends For 2021

As we look to put 2020 behind us, beauty experts have been looking to what the future holds for skincare products, treatments and skin therapy clinics.

With a push towards bespoke beauty products, all-in-one products and sustainability, here are some of the trends you can expect to see in 2021 and beyond.

Sustainable Packaging

Refillable treatments are set to move from the exception to the norm. With products such as Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant and others using a sustainable refill pack that can be recycled, beauty regimes which do not cost the Earth has become a major priority for the beauty conscious.

Expect reduced packaging, more robust and reusable applicators, and more widely used refill packs to become the norm in the beauty world.

Gentle Skin Care

Expect to see a move away from harshness in 2021, especially in our skincare products. With an increasing amount of evidence showing that gentle treatments help with skin conditions, expect the must-have skincare products of the year being more skin-friendly than in years past.

Mask-Based Facial Care

Wearing a mask has caused a few issues for our skin, particularly when it comes to skin irritation, spots and ‘maskne’.

Products that help to protect our skin from the mask will continue to be popular going into 2021.

Multi-Purpose Products

Beauty trends reflect our lifestyles, and 2021 is set to become the year of the streamlined beauty routine.

Cleansers that help to exfoliate and remove dirt, as well as serum-oil hybrids that treat and protect the skin at the same time are harbingers of a wave of multi-functional skincare products.