Have You Been Suffering From Maskne?

Not only do we have to consider how the oncoming autumn and winter months will affect our skincare routine, but the continuing coronavirus crisis and the mandate to wear a mask is just going to aggravate our maskne (a portmanteau of ‘mask’ and ‘acne’).

While wearing a face mask is still the best way to protect yourself when you need to go out in public, the colder weather doesn’t mean we won’t feel the detrimental effects on our skin, as our warm breath will still cause moisture to gather, potentially clogging up pores with dirt and oil.

So what can we do? As annoying as maskne may be, given the risks of not wearing a face covering, that’s not the answer.

To begin with, make sure you are thoroughly cleansing your face every day. Even if your new WFH routine has meant you haven’t worn makeup in months, it’s still important to remove the everyday grime and dirt from your skin. Use a gentle face cleanser that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

It’s also important to remember that disposable masks are made to be worn once, and once only. Throw them away after use. If you buy any reusable masks, make sure they are made from a natural material, like cotton, and wash them with every use, with a delicate wash cycle (like your best underwear!), so you don’t react to any harsh laundry detergent.

Skin irritation and breakouts, as miserable as they can be, are never an excuse to go without a face mask, so make sure you rethink your daily skincare routines, swap out any products that may cause you problems, and maybe even ditch makeup altogether daily.

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