Essential Skincare Items To Pack In Your Travel Kit

Now that the lockdown restrictions are finally easing and we can resume domestic travel, your thoughts might be turning to booking a holiday. While it is never easy to pack the right clothes for the unpredictable British climate, choosing which skincare items to take shouldn’t be so tricky! Here are a few essential products to have handy.

Going away doesn’t mean you need to skimp on your facial skincare routine. In fact, you will probably want to make extra effort as you may be spending more time outdoors, in whatever the weather has to throw at us. You may also wear more make-up in the evenings than usual, which could lead to breakouts if not carefully removed.

Pack a good multitasking moisturiser, that is rich enough to use overnight, and also contains an SPF factor of 20-50, to protect against sun damage during the day. Don’t forget that UVA light can be just as powerful in cloudy conditions, so to avoid the risk of damage it’s best to use a skin barrier on a daily basis.

For cleansing off make-up, try a pre-cleanser which is designed to liquify the oil-based products on your skin, especially important if you are prone to clogged pores. Finish up with a travel-sized cleansing gel to thoroughly remove the debris lifted out by the pre-cleanser. Follow it up with a toner to help minimise pores, and enhance moisture absorption.

For under-eye creams and gels to protect against wrinkles and sun damage, there are plenty of options with smaller sized packaging available. If you are prone to problems such as acne, you may want to pack extra products which will help to keep you looking your best on your holiday.

You could try using a microfoliant, which will gently remove dead skin cells, which can combine bacteria to form blemishes. For an extra treat, finish off with an antioxidant rich mask.

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