Dermalogica UltraCalming Redness Relief Essence

We ask, where has the UltraCalming Mist gone?? This wonderful, calming product has been superseded by the supercharged toner in the form of the UltraCalming Redness Relief Essence.An essence is a hybrid product. It is lightweight like a toner, but it is concentrated like a serum. It banishes redness, soothes irritation, & boosts hydration.

Skin sensitivity can be triggered by any combination of the following factors:

• Lifestyle – diet, smoking or cosmetic ingredients.

• Environment – pollution & weather conditions.

• Physiology – stress or hormonal fluctuations.

• Genetics – hereditary skin irritability.

Regardless of what triggers it, one common trait of sensitive skin is a compromised lipid barrier.

Application is easy peasy. Having cleansed your face, with the UltraCalming Cleanser, shake the bottle well & pop a few drops of the essence into the palm of your hand. Then pat the product onto your cleansed face, neck & chest.

You’ll find that this product reduces the redness. It boosts hydration & helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. And it calms & soothes the skin. This skin routine can be finished by using other products in the UltraCalming range, like for instance, the Barrier Defense Booster & the Calm Water Gel.

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