7 Exfoliation Tips For The Best Skin Ever

Beauty salon in Maidenhead - Skincare Woman Washing Face Foaming Facewash Soap Scrub On Skin

Exfoliation is a hugely important part of any solid skincare routine and you should be doing this regularly each week if you want your skin to look beautiful, fresh and clear, as it gets rid of all the old dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of your skin.

There are two types of exfoliation that you need to be aware of – mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation is where you use some kind of brush or other tool to physically clean your skin, while chemical exfoliation involves the use of either enzymes or something like salicylic acid to remove any buildup.

How often you should exfoliate will depend on the kind of skin you have and while some may only be able to do it once a week, others may find that twice or even three times is necessary. There will be an element of trial and error to find out how your skin responds, so start off slow and take it day by day until you establish a good routine.

It’s generally best to exfoliate in the morning because your skin repairs itself at night, so you can give it a real treat once or twice a week when you wake up and before you know it, you’ll have that gorgeous glow you’ve been after. Take care not to over-exfoliate, however, as you can cause damage to your skin and you should always be very gentle when doing it.

Rub your skin in a gentle circular motion for around 30 seconds or so and then give it a rinse off with some lukewarm water, never hot. Also take the time to go over your lips gently, as well, especially during the winter when all that wind, rain and snow can irritate and dry them out. A kissable pout is what we all want, after all!

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